As the Ariadne Labs portfolio grows, we are uncovering more systemic faults in health care systems worldwide. These incubation projects in primary care and childbirth delivery grow out of our existing work in critical moments. In the Ariadne Labs Way, we are conducting research on these issues to explore how they might best be addressed to improve care for patients.

Can Better Management Save Lives?

Management practices vary both across and within hospitals. This variation can lead to changes in patient outcomes as well as the hospital’s effectiveness in implementing proven large-scale quality improvement measures like the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist.

In an Ariadne Labs project led by Alex Haynes, MD, MPH and Raffaella Sadun, PhD, we seek to understand the role of hospital management in facilitating quality of care, both through direct links with clinical outcomes and with the ability of organizations to effectively implement proven quality improvement initiatives. The primary tool from understanding data is the World Management Survey, a validated semi-structured interview tool that assesses managerial practice in multiple domains, including target setting and communication, talent management, and standardization of operations.

This project is in partnership with the South Carolina Hospital Association, Massachusetts Health Policy Commission, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, The Advisory Board Company, Community Health Systems, and the Louisiana Hospital Association and state Medicaid Office.