Doctoral Student – Atlas & Delivery Decision Initiatives

Ariadne Labs is a joint center for health systems innovation at Brigham and Women’s Hospital
and the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health. Our goal is to drive scalable solutions for
better care at critical moments in people’s lives everywhere. Better care means better health
outcomes, lower costs, and more actual caring. Critical means solving health systems failures
that have major impact, typically touching people by the millions.

The Atlas Initiative is a program focused on supporting healthcare organizations in the
acceleration of identifying and addressing their contextual strengths and challenges in order to
successfully implement and sustain improvement projects. The Atlas Initiative includes a set of
assessment tools, focusing on factors that organizations can act on and efficienting triangulating
360° input to address differences in perceptions and experiences between leadership and
frontline staff.

The Delivery Decisions Initiative (DDI) is a research and social impact program focused on
transforming childbirth care around the world so that every person can start or grow their family
with dignity. Our solutions are developed and implemented through collaborations with health
systems and communities to design systems that are capable of producing safe, supportive,
and empowering care for every birthing person everywhere. One of the DDI projects,
TeamBirth, has embedded the use of Atlas in their implementation.

Ideal doctoral candidates will have experience working with quantitative data and an interest in
applying their skill set to help explore the predictiveness of a context assessment toolkit with
patient-reported outcomes. This is an excellent opportunity to drive forward the creation of
analysis plans, independently run analyses, make analytic decisions, and propose new research
questions, with the flexibility to grow as a researcher, data scientist, and designer. We’re looking
for individuals excited to dive into messy challenges and willing to bring their creative energy to
the drawing board.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities
● Plan, design, and conduct qualitative analysis with oversight from a Senior Statistical
Analyst, including developing data analysis plan and code
● Clean and prepare datasets for analysis
● Interpret results, and collaborate on dissemination of work including writing manuscripts
and presenting lessons learned and findings in relevant local, national, and international
● Ensure data integrity by adhering to best practices in data collection, analysis, and
● Research and document project requirements.
● Develop collegial relationships with collaborators, program leaders, and internal and
external stakeholders.

Required Qualifications and Skills
A cover letter is required.
● Doctoral candidate (DrPH, PhD, ScD, DNP, etc)
● Strong critical thinking skills and exceptional attention to detail
● Analytical and problem-solving skills
● Strong grasp of statistics
● Experience using a programming language (R, STATA, SAS) for data analysis
● Strong communication and presentation skills and experience working collaboratively
● Ability to work independently and proactively drive projects forward with minimal
● Ability to assess project requirements, ask questions, and effectively navigate ambiguity
Preferred Qualifications and Skills
● Service oriented mindset with a passion for delivering high quality work
● Ability to think creatively and advance outside-the-box solutions
● Interest in health or scientific systems research
● Ability to learn new software systems
● Experience with data visualization and user-centered design
● Familiarity with analyzing survey data

Our Core Values:
● Respect for the Ariadne Labs mission, our community, each other, and ourselves
● Stewardship of our work and resources
● Pursuit of excellence, with a focus on continual improvement
● A belief in a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to our work
● A commitment to meaningful diversity and inclusion in our work and in the Ariadne Labs

If you’re excited about the position but don’t meet all the qualifications listed above, please
apply anyway! Ariadne Labs is committed to fostering an environment founded in principles of
diversity, equity and inclusion. We are always looking for candidates who will bring new ideas
and a fresh perspective to the organization.

To apply, please click here and complete an application.