Neonatology Fellow, BetterBirth

Working title: Neonatology Fellow

Position Location: Boston, MA (Ariadne Labs / Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health)/Remote

Level of effort: Minimum commitment of 30% LOE, with additional commitment welcome. Multi-year commitment preferred.

Compensation: Covered by candidate’s existing fellowship program/institution (confirmed in writing by fellowship program); no additional compensation provided.

Required qualifications: A neonatology fellow in a certified neonatology fellowship program; all Harvard community members must verify COVID vaccination by their start date (exemptions may be requested for medical or religious reasons).

Description of LIFT-UP project

The Low Birthweight and Preterm Infant Feeding Trial and Supportive Care Package (LIFT-UP) project aims to improve the health and wellbeing of preterm/ low birth weight (LBW) infants and the support to their families through improved feeding interventions (food as medicine & probiotics) and enhanced support of provision of human milk (direct breastfeeding & expressed breastmilk, donor milk, including Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) & water, sanitation, & hygiene (WASH) in the facility and community in India, Malawi and Tanzania.

Description of roles and responsibilities

The Neonatology Fellow will work in close collaboration with the Ariadne Labs/HSPH team to prepare for, initiate and conduct the LIFT-UP project (see description below), and with research partners in India, Malawi and Tanzania to support implementation. The Neonatology Fellow will apply technical expertise to a complex environment and wide range of partners to ensure that recommendations are appropriate, feasible and actionable.

Specific roles and responsibilities

The Neonatology Fellow on this large, multi-site project will carry out the following responsibilities. Some areas of contribution will depend on length of time the individual can commit to the fellowship:

Area of contribution

Specific activities


·         Provide technical support for the day-to-day conduct of the LIFT-Up study

·         Execute, under the direction of the project leads, technical work/content with a focus on activities related to clinical care for vulnerable newborns

·         Maintain open lines of communication with the Ariadne Labs team

·         Collaborate with the LIFT-UP project team

·         Participate in LIFT-UP team meetings

Materials development (protocol, tools, SOPs, training curricula, analysis plan, etc)

·         Review draft documents and provide inputs, with particular focus on neonatology/ clinical perspective

·         Contribute to writing of a standardized fortification protocol and SOP

·         Contribute to the creation of the fortification training curriculum

·         Contribute to intervention implementation materials (e.g., checklist, job aids, etc.)

·         Conduct relevant literature review(s) as needed (possible lit review paper if identified as a priority)

Preparation for research activities

·         Participate in/co-lead trainings where appropriate

Research implementation and data collection

·         Support research partners in application of global guidelines and research procedures

·         Support research partners to troubleshoot clinical hurdles

Data analysis and interpretation

·         Create data analysis plan for the facility needs assessment

·         Create a template for a report (PPT slide deck) for sharing the key results of the facility needs assessment

·         Analyze the facility needs assessment and draft a report

·         Under the direction of the project leads, lead calls with colleagues and partners to solicit feedback on the report and incorporate feedback (tbd if this will lead to a publication or not)

Formulation of recommendations / key actions

·         Assist in developing key messages and implications from the facility needs assessment

·         Contribute to draft clinical guidelines for fortification of vulnerable infants

·         Contribute to any relevant consortium publication(s)

Secondary analysis

If the person has analysis skills and interest

·         Secondary analysis of data on low birthweight feeding, growth and other health outcomes, and co-author a paper(s) related to an area of interest

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