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As COVID-19 spreads quickly from Europe and Asia to the rest of the world, hospitals play a critical role in treatment of the disease. However, they have also become hot zones for transmission. With rising community spread, it is increasingly important for health care workers to have access to credible information on how best to protect themselves while serving on the frontlines, and for hospitals to be prepared for a surge in patients requiring care.  

Drawing on lessons learned from colleagues facing this crisis worldwide, experts from Ariadne Labs have developed guidelines to inform best practices in COVID-19 response protocols across clinical areas. These guidelines are based on expert opinion and the latest available evidence. As information on COVID-19 continues to develop and evolve, we will update this guidance to reflect the best available evidence.

Containment & Mitigation

Keeping the Coronavirus from Infecting Health-Care Workers

Atul Gawande discusses what we can learn from Singapore’s and Hong Kong’s success in handling the pandemic.

Lessons from Italy’s Response to Coronavirus

Information for Patients

Need to see a health care provider during coronavirus? Here’s what to do next


Harvard OB-GYN: In Fast-Changing Landscape, Much To Learn About COVID-19 And Pregnancy


Keeping Kids Out of the Clinic Who Don’t Need to Be There

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

COVID Pandemic: Conserving Personal Protective Equipment

This One Is for the Health Workers at the Front Lines

Policy & Administration

Zero Visitation Policy: A Call for Empathy During Troubling Times


Surgical care is a foundation of any health system, with both elective and emergency procedures contributing to the health of our populations. In the face of COVID-19, hospitals and surgeons must act immediately to ensure that systems are prepared to support essential surgical care while also protecting patients and staff and conserving valuable resources.

Annals of Surgery: Managing COVID-19 in Surgical Systems (PDF)

The Ariadne Labs Safe Surgery/Safe Systems team has developed guidelines to prepare surgical units for COVID-19 response. These guidelines have been published in the Annals of Surgery.

Annals of Surgery: COVID-19 – Considerations and Implications for Surgical Learners (PDF)

Further Clinical Resources will be updated daily as resources are developed.