Nurse Impact is a portfolio of projects that use data on the practices of labor and delivery nurses to inform quality improvement. While the projects vary in scope, they all aim to strengthen and standardize nursing practice while improving the quality and equity of maternal care and delivery outcomes across the US. 

The projects are led by Joyce Edmonds, PhD, MPH, RN, Associate Professor at Boston College Connell School of Nursing, and Neel Shah, MD, MPP, Assistant Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Biology at Harvard Medical School, and director of the Delivery Decisions Initiative at Ariadne Labs. Drs. Edmonds and Shah have collaborated on nurse-led innovation over the past five years, and their work together on this portfolio combines research expertise from Boston College Connell School of Nursing with the clinical intervention and implementation expertise of Ariadne Labs. 

Areas of Focus

Defining the Influence of Nurses on the Likelihood of Cesarean Section

This project examines variations in cesarean delivery rates by nurse assigned and explores whether patients are randomly assigned to labor and delivery nurses at a number of high-volume hospitals. This work is funded by the Rx Foundation.  

Understanding the Best Practices of L&D Nurses to Improve Patient Safety

With funding from CRICO, this project aims to improve patient safety by exploring the relationship between nurse attitudes, nurse and hospital characteristics, and changes to nursing role and practice due to COVID-19 on a national scale.

Optimizing Nursing Practice to Improve Childbirth Outcomes

Research indicates a significant relationship between nursing care and the odds of cesarean delivery, yet few hospitals are currently able to measure important differences in nursing care or how these differences affect birth outcomes.

With funding by the Rita and Alex Hillman Foundation, this project aims to empower labor and delivery nurses to better understand data on their own practices. Through feedback reports containing nurse-level clinical practice data, the project aims to test whether information on nursing practices can help improve safety and strengthen nursing practice.