Lauren Spigel

Lauren Spigel

Senior Research Specialist, Science and Technology Platform

Lauren Spigel, MPH, is a Senior Research Specialist on the Science and Technology platform. In this role, Lauren provides technical guidance across Ariadne Lab’s program teams to ensure scientific rigor on qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. She leads the design of survey tools and interview guides, conducts interviews and focus groups, analyzes, interprets and communicates data. Her research interests are related to reducing maternal, newborn and child disparities around the world and improving the quality of maternal health care.

Prior to joining Ariadne Labs, Lauren was a Senior Associate for Monitoring and Evaluation on USAID’s Saving Mothers, Giving Life and Maternal and Child Survival Program, providing monitoring, evaluation and research support to several country programs. Before that, Lauren worked in the digital health startup space, where she incorporated human centered design, formative research and monitoring and evaluation concepts into digital health projects.

Overall, Lauren has spent twelve years researching and evaluating global health interventions across the reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health spectrum, spanning North America, Africa, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, and Central America, including two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Nicaragua.

Lauren holds an MPH from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health with a concentration in social and behavioral sciences.

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