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Safe Surgery Checklist Implementation Guide

Ariadne Labs has developed a framework for WHO Safe Surgery Checklist implementation based on lessons learned in over 4,000 facilities globally.

We created this implementation guide to describe that framework, identify best practices, highlight considerations for how individual facilities might apply the framework, and share practical examples from other facilities.

Serious Illness Conversation Guide

The Serious Illness Conversation Guide is the backbone of the Serious Illness Care Program. The current iteration consists of steps to elicit important information from your patients about their goals and values: setting up the conversation, assessing the patient’s illness understanding and information preferences, sharing prognosis, exploring key topics, and closing and documenting the conversation.

Toolkit for System Expansion

Thank you for accessing the tools and sharing your information. Download the Mission and Guiding Principles (Word) Download the Mission and Guiding Principles (PDF) The Toolkit includes an introduction (including suggestions for use), high-priority questions, and the discussion guides.  It is available in four formats below: Download the complete Toolkit: Download the Toolkit (Powerpoint) Download… Continue reading Toolkit for System Expansion

Ariadne Labs OR Crisis Checklists (Updated 2017)

The OR Crisis Checklists were developed by the team at Ariadne Labs with the goal of improving care during 12 of the most common operating room crises. The checklists were updated in May 2017.

Opioid Prescribing Checklist

A checklist, developed by Ariande Labs and the CDC, to support safe opioid prescription.

WHO Safe Childbirth Checklist Implementation Guide (English)

Guide to support implementation of the WHO Safe Childbirth Checklist.

WHO Safe Childbirth Checklist (English)

Tool to improve the quality of essential childbirth practices and communication around the time of delivery.

Safe Surgery Checklist Template (Master)

This checklist template is designed for all three sections (Before induction of anesthesia, before skin incision, and before patient leaves the room) to be performed in the operating room. This checklist doesn’t preclude or change any of the existing routines you have in your preoperative area.

Ambulatory Safe Surgery Checklist Template

This checklist is designed for use in ambulatory surgery centers or for other low-risk procedures. It includes items for this type of surgery and omits items that are not applicable to the ASC environment.