The Platform Teams

While the program teams at Ariadne Labs bring clinical expertise and leadership, the Innovation, Science & Technology, and Implementation teams bring specialized skills and methods applicable to all of our work across clinical areas. At Ariadne Labs, we call these teams the Platforms.

Ariadne Labs’ methodology for designing, testing, and spreading solutions relies on skills in a wide range of areas, and the platform teams ensure that all programs benefit from multi-disciplinary expertise. By partnering with the clinical teams, the platform teams offer specialized skills to support and accelerate the process of moving from the statement of a problem to a solution that achieves the desired results and is broadly adoptable at scale. 

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Innovation Platform

The innovation team strengthens programs’ ability to design solutions that are more likely to be successful and adoptable in a variety of settings. Using expertise in design thinking and systems engineering, the team helps programs define the problem at the outset, understand the different settings in which this problem occurs, identify the people and processes who will be affected by any new solution, and develop an appropriate solution. In addition, they support teams in finding clinical partners who can provide feedback on solutions, and help teams to iterate on possible solution designs and implementation approaches.

Science & Technology Platform

The Science & Technology team primarily partners with the programs to support rigorous scientific testing of the solutions and offer technological support. The team brings expertise in study design, testing methodology, data collection and storage, qualitative and quantitative analytics, implementation science, and software engineering.  

Implementation Platform

The Implementation team leads Ariadne Labs’ efforts to effectively support the implementation of our proven solutions and ensure broad dissemination of the tools around the world. They bring expertise in quality improvement, patient safety, coaching, implementation science, and other implementation strategies.