Ariadne Labs’ Spark Grant Opportunities for 2024-2025

We are pleased to announce the 2024- 2025 Ariadne Labs Spark Grant program. Please find RFP and Letter of Interest (LOI) instructions below.

The Ariadne Labs Spark Grant Program is an incubator grant program for Ariadne staff and faculty to design and test innovative solutions to solvable problems in health care delivery.


  • Prioritize: The Spark Program prioritizes funding projects that are focused on the most important current and future know-do-gaps in health care delivery.
  • People: The Spark Program staffs projects with expert support in research, design, implementation, project management and measurement to create a highly skilled, multidisciplinary team.
  • Process: The Spark Program guides grantees through a structured innovation pathway known as the Ariadne Arc. Projects are guided through this process to ensure the design and test of impactful solutions ready for scalable systems-level change. Those projects that show evidence of feasibility, tractability, and impact may be chosen to proceed with future funding and support after the initial Spark grant’s end.

In the past, Spark Grants have supported a variety of project areas, ranging from investigating new methods of communicating in clinical settings to developing new ways to measure health system functioning. Successful projects are novel, feasible, impactful, and have a pathway toward major scale through partnership.

Ariadne Labs Core Faculty, appointed Associate Faculty and staff are eligible to apply for this grant (please check RFP for full details).