Our People and Culture

Our Culture & Values

At Ariadne, our culture and values are at the forefront of everything we do. We deeply care about our mission and want to be surrounded by others who feel as passionate as we do about scalable solutions for better care at critical moments. We intentionally hire ‘Ariadnites’ from all backgrounds to help us continuously innovate and think outside the box. And when you join Ariadne, our collaborative approach and pursuit of excellence will help you grow as you pursue your own professional development.

As focused as we are on the work, we also care deeply about our community. We want anyone who walks through our office doors to feel welcomed. We pride ourselves on being collegial, friendly, humble – and on having some fun once in awhile! We make sure to pause to celebrate big moments but also recognize smaller contributions that move our work forward. Ariadne does its best to thank its employees with a winter holiday party, summer BBQ and Red Sox game, and monthly birthday celebrations.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Ariadne believes the most innovative and equitable solutions to complex problems come from different perspectives. We truly appreciate everyone’s contributions and encourage everyone to share their ideas. In order to create a safe and inclusive environment, Ariadne has a Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Group that meets every month to provide resources, tools, and trainings to build awareness and develop the necessary skills to truly be inclusive. And through our parent organizations, our team members can join various employee resource groups, committees, events, and trainings tailored specifically to develop these life skills and build awareness.

Ariadne is always looking for candidates who will bring new ideas to our organization and we strongly encourage LGBTQ-identified persons, people of color, and others from historically underrepresented communities to apply.

Our Alumni

Once you’ve been part of Ariadne, you will always be considered an Ariadnite. We are proud of all our Ariadnites who are accomplishing great things around the world. We’ve had folks return to school to continue their education, start their own businesses, move into consulting, apply their knowledge to for-profit companies, and work in other health systems organizations. Often times, an Ariadnite alumni will partner with us again on project-based work or in a new role.