Doctors and nurses wearing surgical gowns over protective suits, eyewear, face shields, and masks as they prepare for surgical procedure.


When global health issues emerge, Ariadne Labs has the capacity to pivot quickly and apply our expertise to close implementation gaps during times of crisis. In 2009 Atul Gawande responded to the H1N1 outbreak with a rapidly developed patient care checklist. As Ebola raged in Africa in 2014, Ariadne Labs collaborated on the development of a standardized Ebola safety checklist for medical personnel. When the opioid crisis claimed lives across the US, a team from Ariadne Labs partnered with the CDC to release a checklist to encourage safe prescribing practices. And in 2020, while COVID-19 spread across the globe, Ariadne’s experts mobilized to develop tools, checklists, and resources to fill gaps in testing, vaccine delivery, community mitigation, serious illness and surgical care, and more.

Focus Areas

COVID-19 Response