Supporting projects and teams in developing ideas that become valuable products to drive improvement in health care delivery. 

The Innovation Platform uses human-centered design principles to turn ideas into solutions. Design is more than how something looks; it’s how it works. It’s easy to create solutions that work in theory but that don’t fit what people actually do or need in real life. A human-centered design approach bridges that divide by creating solutions with the end user in mind from the very beginning. 

The Innovation team’s work focuses heavily on the design phase of the Ariadne Labs Arc. Areas of expertise include: 

  • Background research:  Literature reviews, stakeholder interviews, and reviews of existing guidelines and toolkits
  • Coalition building and convening: Bringing together experts to develop a deeper understanding of the need
  • Prototype development: Process mapping, ideation, and creating user profiles 
  • Field experience and iteration: Leading mock exercises with prototype tools, conducting iterative field testing, and making prototype improvements
  • Preparing for implementation: Reflecting on engagement, needs, and stakeholder learnings 

The Innovation Platform also oversees the Ariadne Labs Spark Grants, which support continuous innovation by funding investigators’ work to explore early-stage ideas. Learn more about Spark Grants here

Meet Our Team