Teamwork and communication for patient-centered childbirth

Every person deserves a voice in their care when having a baby. TeamBirth supports open communication among patients, their support people, and clinicians during birth. Through structured huddles and a shared planning board, TeamBirth empowers everyone to reach decisions together. The result is more dignified, respectful care that gives patients the role that they want.

Why TeamBirth?

People giving birth in the U.S. are more likely to face mistreatment, serious complications, or death than people in any other high-income country. The risks are even greater for Black or Indigenous people. However, many of these cases are preventable. Failures in communication and teamwork among clinical teams play a role in 80 – 90 percent of cases of patient harm. 

TeamBirth is an industry-standard process to improve communication, teamwork, and shared decision-making throughout the birthing process, giving every person a chance at a safe, dignified childbirth experience.

Our process is rooted in research and backed by evidence. In a pilot trial at four U.S. hospitals:

of patients had the role they wanted in their childbirth experience
of clinicians felt TeamBirth improved care through better communication, teamwork, and shared decision-making
of nurses, midwives, and obstetricians reported they would recommend TeamBirth for use in other labor & delivery units

We’ve worked with more than 100 hospitals across the U.S. and in Sweden to provide the tools, hands-on training, and implementation support needed to empower patients and clinicians to achieve better childbirth experiences.

The TeamBirth Approach

From the time a patient is admitted for labor and delivery until they are discharged after birth, they will join their care team in shared huddles. Together, the team will discuss progress, make changes to care plans, and schedule the next check-in. Every person on the team has an opportunity to share their experiences.

During each huddle, the team will take notes on a Shared Planning Tool displayed on the wall. The board names all members of the team and provides a visual reminder of care plans and preferences for the mother and the baby.

TeamBirth is currently testing tools for use in prenatal care and during NICU stays to improve teamwork and communication across the continuum of care.

TeamBirth Recognition Program

TeamBirth Recognition celebrates the work of staff and leaders at sites who have successfully implemented TeamBirth. Learn more about the program and see what sites have committed to the TeamBirth care process.

To learn more about bringing TeamBirth to your hospital or birthing center, contact us below or access resources on our public implementation resources page and cohort specific pages