TeamBirth implementation is not a single event but a journey.

We describe this journey using a high level implementation pathway which describes the phases any site will go through to bring about effective and sustainable TeamBirth practice change.

The TeamBirth Implementation Pathway provides an evidence-based foundation for an implementation roadmap with activities that guide effective and sustainable TeamBirth practice and culture change. 

TeamBirth implementation guidance and resources describe what is core for each activity and the range of options and examples for adapting it to your context. 

TeamBirth Introduction Resources

This set of resources can be used to help socialize or build awareness and buy-in for TeamBirth.
Share these with anyone interested, whether a prospective TeamBirth partner or a clinician at a TeamBirth site. The package includes:

  • Why TeamBirth video
  • DDI Two Pager
  • Infographic | Why TeamBirtth
  • Why TeamBirth | Components & Implementation Overview
  • Infographic | TeamBirth Key Behaviors (1)
  • TeamBirth Implementation Support Overview
  • TeamBirth Data 3-Pager
  • TeamBirth News and Media Coverage
  • 4 TeamBirth publications

Staff Training Content

This is a set of resources for training providers, nurses, and other clinical team members on TeamBirth. This package includes

  • Videos (MP4s):
  • Why TeamBirth
  • Introduction to TeamBirth
  • TeamBirth in Labor & Delivery
  • TeamBirth in Postpartum
  • Admission Discussion & Labor Support Guides
  • Assisted Delivery Discussion Guide
  • How to Implement TeamBirth

Helpful Resources:

  • Infographics and One-pagers on core topics
  • English & Spanish Word Banks
  • Huddle Practice Scenarios

Recommended Training Videos per Role:

Implementation Team1 – 7
OB Providers & Midwifes1 – 6
LDRP RNs, Doulas, Birth Educators1 – 6
L&D RNs1 – 3,
5 – 6
Anesthesiologists / CRNAs1, 2, 6
Postpartum RNs, Lactation, & Newborn providers1, 2, 4

TeamBirth Discussion and Support Guides

This collection provides files with the available translations for each of the 3 guides together:

  • Admission Discussion Guide
  • Labor Support Guide*
  • Assisted Delivery Discussion Guide

Available languages include:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese (simple)
  • Chinese (traditional)
  • Chuukese
  • English
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Vietnamese
  • Zou

*Note: the Chinese, Korean, and Russian translations only provide the Admission Discussion Guide & Assisted Delivery Discussion Guide


Implementation Resources

This growing set of resources support specific implementation activities throughout your TeamBirth implementation journey.

TeamBirth Recognition

Recognition celebrates the work of staff and leaders at sites who have successfully implemented TeamBirth. Learn more about the program and see which sites have committed to the TeamBirth care process.