TeamBirth Recognition celebrates the work of staff and leaders at sites who have successfully implemented TeamBirth, and are committed to ongoing efforts of sustainability of the TeamBirth care process.

This Recognition program aims to honor hospital sites that center patient autonomy and dignity throughout the birthing process with a sustained TeamBirth practice.

Recognition is achieved when a site:


Reflects and attests to the implementation components of the TeamBirth initiative


Observes TeamBirth huddles and submits results, and 


Demonstrates ongoing commitment through an engagement activity. 

Recognized sites receive TeamBirth branding content to showcase their status and their name will be shared on the TeamBirth website. Recognition is renewed every three years.

See the TeamBirth Recognized sites in your state or region.

Ready To Get Recognized?

For sites interested in Recognition follow these steps:


Identify someone to be the primary contact with TeamBirth and coordinate completion of the application components. This person should download and share with their teams the below Recognition Toolkit that includes templates for the following components.


The TeamBirth Liaison will complete some of the below components while also gathering input and ensuring completion and documentation from a range of roles at the sites.


Recognition Attestation:

A form that collects specific site information about implementation processes and metrics for TeamBirth.


Huddle Observations:

Huddle observations are documented with the Huddle Observation Forms. In addition to demonstrating your site’s fidelity of the TeamBirth model of care, the observation forms serve a dual purpose of providing your site leadership direct insight and coaching opportunities.

The Primary Liaison will calculate 10%* of the monthly birth volume to determine the number of huddles needed for Recognition. They will then assign a minimum of 3 different team members with a clinical background to observe patient huddles and document their observation using the Huddle Observation Form. Observers can self-evaluate a huddle they’ve participated in.

Notify us via the below form when you have completed your huddle observations.

How do I determine the number of huddles needed for Recognition? 

  1. Determine your site’s annual birth volume
  2. Determine your site’s monthly birth volume by dividing your annual birth volume by 12
  3. 10% of your site’s monthly birth volume = necessary # of huddles


  1. Annual birth volume = 3,000
  2. Monthly birth volume = 3,000/12 = 250
  3. 10% of 250 = 0.1 x 250 = 25 huddles 

The Primary Liaison may then decide to direct 5 team members to observe 5 huddles each this month to yield 25 total huddles for Recognition.

Note: If your site-specific Huddle Observation target number is <5 or >35, the Primary Liaison should reach out to TeamBirth to customize a plan together.


Engagement Activity:

Sites will choose a method for demonstrating TeamBirth engagement.

Types of activities and examples include:
  • SOCIALIZATION & EDUCATION – Examples include: TeamBirth updates on hospital/unit website, TeamBirth curriculum incorporated in childbirth education, etc 
  • TRAINING – Demonstrating site innovation and owner of training staff in TeamBirth knowledge and skills. Examples include: Creating custom TeamBirth training videos for onboarding, TeamBirth curriculum incorporated in physician and nurse residency didactics and simulations, etc 
  • COMMUNITY PARTNER ENGAGEMENT – Examples include: a doula mixer with doula welcome kits, local birth center TeamBirth event, etc
  • RESEARCH AND MEASUREMENT – Examples include: research project that assesses TeamBirth impact, TeamBirth Patient survey data collection and analysis, EMR Huddle data audit, patient, staff, and provider interviews, etc
  • IMPLEMENTATION EXPANSION – Implementation and go-live of TeamBirth components in additional settings than the original project launch. Examples: Antepartum, NICU, Prenatal, etc


After completion and documentation of the Recognition components, the liaison will submit the relevant forms and content in the below form for TeamBirth review.


After TeamBirth reviews the submission, recognition will be provided or if there are opportunities for growth, Ariadne Labs will work with the site to define a timeline and any support to achieve Recognition.


Sites will receive formal recognition and brief feedback will be offered when essential criteria are met. TeamBirth recognized hospitals and sites will be included on the Ariadne Labs wall of fame website. Recognized sites are also encouraged to use the TeamBirth recognized emblem in their patient information and marketing materials.

Recognition Toolkit

Recognition Attestation

Huddle Observation Forms

Contact Us

For submission of your Recognition components or any Recognition questions and feedback use this form:

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