Iman Ahmad
Research Assistant II, Better Evidence
Emily Benotti
Qualitative Research Specialist, Science and Technology Platform
Rachelle Bernacki
Lead Faculty, Community of Practice, Serious Illness Care Program
Stephanie Blitzer
Project Coordinator
Lauren Bobanski
Project Manager, BetterBirth Program
Lisa Bokuniewicz
Talent Development Coordinator
Pargol Borojerdi
Project Assistant, Implementation & Innovation Platforms
Amani Bright
Project Coordinator, DDI
Christy Cauley
Faculty, Safe Surgery Program
Sharelle Davis
Senior Operations & Talent Coordinator
Eesha Desai
Research Assistant, Primary Health Care
Meghna Desai
Senior Research Assistant, Science & Technology Platform
Amanda DiMeo
Senior Project Coordinator, Delivery Decisions Initiative
Stacey Irwin Downey
Strategic Transition Lead, Serious Illness Care Program
Nora Downey
Project Manager, Serious Illness Care Program
Meagan Elam
Implementation Specialist, Implementation Platform
Jocie Fifield
Research Specialist
Eliza Fishman
Project Coordinator, BetterBirth
Katelyn Fleming
Senior Project Manager
Erik Fromme
Faculty, Serious Illness Care
Stephen Goss
Business Systems Analyst
Leigh Graham
Senior Advisor and Core Faculty
Rebecca Grieco
Project Assistant, Better Evidence
Susan Haas
Co-PI Project on System Expansion Risks to Patient Safety
Alex Hannenberg
Faculty, Safe Surgery Program
Lucy Hartshorn
Senior Research Assistant, Primary Health Care
Lisa Hirschhorn
Senior Advisor, Primary Health Care
Molly Hughes
Employee Experience Manager
Amanda Jurczak
Senior Research Coordinator, Science and Technology Platform
Miina Juvonen
Delivery Support Specialist, Better Evidence
Jasmine Kaduthodil
Research Assistant, Innovation Platform
Ami Karlage
Senior Specialist, Writer, Science and Technology Platform
Jane Kavanagh
Senior Implementation Specialist, Implementation Platform
Anna Kennedy
Senior Project Coordinator, Primary Health Care
June-Ho Kim
Faculty, Primary Health Care
Joshua Lakin, MD
Faculty, Serious Illness Care Program
Erin Lawler
Communications Manager
Stu Lipsitz
Biostatistician, Science & Technology Platform
Meghan Long
Senior Platform Manager, Innovation & Implementation Platforms
Kurt Lowery
Project Manager
Judy Margo
Senior Qualitative Research Specialist, Science and Technology Platform
Megan Marx Delaney
Research Scientist, BetterBirth Program
Erin McCarville
Senior Technical Specialist, Momentum Knowledge Accelerator (MKA) Project
Grady McGuire
Senior Operations Coordinator
Indigo Miller
Clinical Quality Improvement Specialist
Rana Mokhtar
Research Fellow
Rose Molina
Associate Faculty
George Molina
Associate Faculty, Safe Surgery
Rachel Moyal-Smith
Clinical Implementation Specialist, Implementation Platform
Aizpea Murphy
Administrative Assistant, DDI
Vanessa Neergheen
Statistical Analyst, Science and Technology Platform
Christine Nganga
Accounting Manager
Ramdhat Nojimudeen
Scrum Master, Home Hospital Program
Jo Paladino
Associate Director of Research and Implementation, Serious Illness Care
Priyanka Pathak
Design Lead
Sarah Payne
Project Assistant, Primary Health Care & Safe Surgery/Safe Systems
Arthur Pote
Stack Database Developer, Science and Technology Platform
Rebecca Robert
Operations and Events Coordinator
Joey Ross
Project Manager
Jim Sachetta
Project Manager, Communications Platform
Raffaella Sadun
Spark Grantee, Safe Surgery Program
Stephanie Schorow
Writing and Communications Coordinator, Communications
Trey Sinyard
Fellow, Safe Surgery
Lauren Spigel
Senior Research Specialist, Science and Technology Platform
Shreyas Srinath
Senior Information Systems Developer, Science and Technology Platform
Mackenzie Stratton
Social Media Specialist
Laura Subramanian
Senior Specialist, Monitoring and Evaluation
Linda Vesel
Scientific Lead, LIFE, BetterBirth
Jess Wiken
Research Assistant, Primary Health Care
Sam Woodbury
Systems Analyst, Science and Technology Platform