Lauren Bobanski

Lauren Bobanski

Senior Project Manager, BetterBirth Program

Lauren Bobanski, MPH is a Senior Project Manager on the BetterBirth team supporting a portfolio of projects. When Lauren joined Ariadne Labs four years ago she worked on the BetterBirth trial testing the WHO Safe Childbirth Checklist in Uttar Pradesh India. Following the study completion Lauren’s primary role is to sheppard projects born out of the study findings. These projects have been designed in collaboration with global partners and policymakers in low- and middle-income countries to translate findings into improvement strategies.

In this role Lauren creates project approaches and scale up strategies, maximizes the use of resources and ensures project delivery with excellence and efficiency. A critical component of Lauren’s role is leveraging human resources and Ariadne’s various expertise with the appropriate level of breadth and depth. Finally, Lauren is responsible for aligning projects with
Ariadne’s Arc Framework and guiding teams through the ever challenging decisions between projects goals, rigor and resource realities.

Lauren is committed to global maternal and newborn health and has more than 8 years of experience supporting MNCH initiatives. Before joining Ariadne Lauren worked at Pathfinder International where she supported the implementation of a complex service delivery project supporting MNCH, family planning and HIV services in 80 facilities Haiti. She also previously worked on family planning and MNCH programs in Togo, Ghana and Zambia.

Lauren holds a BA in International Studies from American University and a MPH from Boston University.

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