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TeamBirth implementation is not a single event but a journey. We describe this journey using a high level implementation pathway which describes the phases any site will go through to bring about effective and sustainable TeamBirth practice change. The TeamBirth Implementation Pathway provides an evidence-based foundation for an implementation roadmap with activities that guide effective… Continue reading TEAMBIRTH IMPLEMENTATION RESOURCES

Rural Home Hospital Implementation Roadmap

Creating a home hospital program takes a great deal of financial, time, and personnel resources, just like any service line. With high rates of hospital closures and a significant number of hospitals at risk of being closed across the rural landscape in the United States, many believe a rural home hospital model is key to… Continue reading Rural Home Hospital Implementation Roadmap

Home Hospital Knowledge Products

We know many systems, hospitals, and communities want to launch a home hospital program. Doing so requires a major investment in time and resources, yet no one wants to reinvent the wheel if there are already high-quality knowledge products available. Systems launching or improving a home hospital program have indeed spent time and money to… Continue reading Home Hospital Knowledge Products

Video: Using Scorecards to Strengthen Primary Care

Dr. Asaf Bitton discusses new Health Affairs Forefront article published from Ariadne Labs and collaborators at Massachusetts Health Quality Partners and Milbank Memorial Fund that demonstrates how scorecards can help strengthen struggling primary care systems in the U.S.