Comparison of Visit Rates Before vs After Telehealth Expansion Among Patients With Mental Health Diagnoses Treated at Federally Qualified Health Centers

Our PHC team’s latest publication in JAMA where they assessed whether FQHC-level telehealth availability was associated with visit rates for patients with mental health diagnoses enrolled in Medicaid and served by FQHCs

Analysis of Primary Health Care System Capacity in the Huetar Atlántica Region of Costa Rica

Conducted by Ariadne Labs, the World Bank, and the Primary Health Care Performance Initiative.

Medical Economics: Fixing primary care

Dr. Asaf Bitton in Medical Economics on the root cause of primary care’s problems.

May 31 2022
Boston Globe: Primary care is on life support

Dr. Asaf Bitton quoted in this Boston Globe Opinion by Dr. Katherine Gergen Barnett

Apr 21 2022
NEWS - Perspectives
The Commonwealth Fund – The Dose: The Case for Investing in Primary Care

Dr. Asaf Bitton joins The Dose podcast from the Commonwealth Fund with host Shanoor Seervai to discuss what it will take to rebuild the nation’s broken primary care system.

Mar 11 2022
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Exemplars in Global Health: Costa Rica’s health success due to PHC – not because it’s a ‘crazy, magical place’

Exemplars in Global Health talk with Hannah Ratcliffe, Ariadne Labs’ former associate director of research for PHC, and Dr. Madeline Pesec, a PHC research assistant at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, about their research on the Costa Rican system and what lessons it could hold for other countries.

Feb 25 2022
Report Captures Primary Health Care Progress Three Years After Declaration of Astana

Primary health care is the foundation of strong health systems everywhere. Better measurement of how well primary health care systems are functioning can support changes needed to achieve resilient, quality health care for all.  In October 2018 leaders from around the world convened at the Global Conference on Primary Health Care in Astana, Kazakhstan to… Continue reading Report Captures Primary Health Care Progress Three Years After Declaration of Astana

Oct 26 2021
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PHCPI Launches New Digital Report: “If Health Systems Could Talk: Illuminating the Vital Signs of Strong Primary Health Care”

New digital report shares insights from the process of creating the first 23 Vital Signs Profiles – PHCPI’s signature measurement tool – and set the scene for the next chapter of PHCPI’s work.

Oct 12 2021