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Advancing Ariadne Labs’ scientifically rigorous approach to health system improvement by partnering with the programs and leading initiatives.

The Science & Technology Platform provides expertise in research methodology across the entire Ariadne Labs portfolio. With experience in both quantitative and qualitative research as well as implementation science and monitoring and evaluation, the members of the Science & Technology team collaborate with focus-area teams to rigorously test solutions.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Background research and writing: Informal or systematic literature reviews, case studies, and manuscript writing
  • Quantitative research: Study design, statistical analysis, and data visualization
  • Qualitative research: Study design, interviews and focus groups, coding and analysis, and survey design
  • Computer science: Data collection, infrastructure, and software design
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Assessment of how processes are working, identification of barriers or facilitators to implementation
  • Measuring impact: Tracking reach and impact findings and sharing results internally and externally

The Science and Technology and Implementation Platforms co-lead Aria, Ariadne Labs’ online resource for tools and community to support the successful implementation of our solutions, and the Atlas Initiative, ​​a suite of evidence-informed tools that will enable hospitals and health systems to assess facility-specific implementation factors.

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