Community is one of three pillars of Ariadne Labs’ strategy. Recognizing that there are more health care failures in the world than Ariadne Labs itself has the capacity to address, we are committed to building the capacity of our broader network of leaders to implement ideas and innovations in their own work.

Ariadne Labs Research Community (ALRC) members play a crucial role in our scientific programs and activities. The ALRC membership program aims to foster connections between Ariadne-affiliated researchers to promote collaboration in health systems innovation research. Through community activities, including scientific research meetings, Ariadne’s Spark grant program, an online forum, the ALRC empowers members to share and develop leading-edge ideas and produce high impact results. Ariadne Labs membership consists of our Ariadne Associate Faculty, that include Harvard- and Harvard hospital-affiliated members, public leaders and innovators. 

Serving as an associate faculty involves both opportunities and responsibilities. Faculty are appointed for renewable one-year terms, and are invited and expected to be significantly engaged in the Ariadne Labs community by:

  • regularly attending scientific research meetings;
  • inviting others to the meetings and suggesting speakers;
  • engaging in/helping develop other Ariadne Labs activities (new collaborative projects and education and outreach initiatives).
  • presenting novel high-impact ideas for seed funding through Ariadne’s Spark grant program.

Our Associate Faculty appointment process commences each summer. To learn more please contact