Delivery Decisions Initiative

CNN’s Great Big Story profiles Ariadne Labs safe childbirth research

Around the world, childbirth requires highly adaptive systems of care that can respond dynamically to unpredictable changes in patient arrival, progress, and condition. Dr. Neel Shah and team are interested in how this uncertainty leads to variation in childbirth care at the individual, institutional, and system-wide levels, as well as what high and low performers can teach us about opportunities for improvement

Using methods that range from architecture to machine learning, we are developing, testing, and spreading new interventions that make care better at one of life’s most critical moments. Please click on the projects below to learn more.  For more information about Dr. Neel Shah’s C-section research contact:

Delivery Decisions
Design Project
Management Project
Patient Engagement Project
Systems Engineering Project
Delivery Decisions Initiative Team Members
Katherine Donato, Research Analyst