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CASE STUDY: Lessons from Ghana

Study that measured person-centeredness in Ghana’s health system underscores the importance of experiential quality in determining patient satisfaction and outcomes.

CASE STUDY: The PHC China Health Study

In 2014 Ariadne Labs was tasked with analyzing high-performing primary health care systems around the world to develop recommendations for strengthening primary health care delivery in China. The results were distilled into the Eight Tenets of Primary Health Care Improvement, which have been used to inform widespread health care reform in provinces across China.

CASE STUDY: COVID-19 Vaccine Allocation

The launch of a vaccine allocation tool, based on U.S. Census, and other data, helped with scenario planning so that decision makers could understand how much vaccine to send where and to which populations.

CASE STUDY: The Parabola Project

In 2020, Ariadne Labs and The Learning Accelerator launched the Parabola Project to provide education leaders with actionable guidance, tools, and strategies to understand and minimize health risks while maximizing learning and wellness during COVID-19.