Aubrey Samost-Williams

Aubrey Samost-Williams, MD, MS is an anesthesiologist at Massachusetts General Hospital and a Safe Surgery/Safe Systems Fellow at Ariadne Labs. Her research at Ariadne primarily involves designing and implementing interventions to promote teamwork and communication in the perioperative space on projects using video-based simulations, educational interventions, and communication-focused checklist designs. She received her BS in… Continue reading Aubrey Samost-Williams

Utility of a Device Briefing Tool to Improve Surgical Safety

The Safe Surgery/Safe Systems team publishes their latest research on Device Briefing Tool (DBT) as an adjunct to the Surgical Safety Checklist.

Healio: Study identifies priorities for rural health system redesign

Rebecca West, MPH discusses the main takeaways from the Safe Surgery/Safe Systems’ study in Washington County, Maine and the implications for other rural health care systems.

Jul 28 2022
Stefanie Soelling

Stefanie Soelling is a general surgery resident at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and a SafeSurgery/Safe Systems Fellow at Ariadne Labs. Her work at Ariadne is focused on performanceimprovement of technical, nontechnical, and teaching skills through surgical coaching andevaluation, as well as healthcare implementation science.Stefanie studied Biology of Global Health at Georgetown University, where she also… Continue reading Stefanie Soelling

Emergency Manuals Implementation Collaborative Announces New Collaboration with Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation

The Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation (APSF) that will provide funding to EMIC to support the spread and uptake of emergency manuals.

Jul 11 2022