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Harvard Business Review: How to Salvage a Useful Process That Isn’t Working Anymore

Rachel Moyal-Smith, Kaisin Yee, and Mary Brindle in HBR on reimplementation of a surgical checklist at Singapore General Hospital and a how-to on conducting a reimplementation.

Jul 8 2024
Lauren Chin

Lauren Chin, MPH is the Platform Project Coordinator at Ariadne Labs. Her role primarily involves maintaining project organization and communication to support collaboration across the Innovation, Science & Technology, and Implementation platforms. Previously, Lauren has worked in research and clinical settings focused on blood coagulation, COVID-19 testing, and person-centered chronic disease management. She is passionate… Continue reading Lauren Chin

Amanda Murphy

Amanda Murphy is a Registered Nurse and Clinical Implementation Specialist for the Serious Illness Care Program at Ariadne Labs. She provides guidance to health systems implementing the Serious Illness Care Program, leads clinician communication skills training and participates in implementation and research activities that focus on increasing access to high quality serious illness communication and… Continue reading Amanda Murphy

Developing and Implementing a Colorectal Cancer Ambulatory Safety Net

Ambulatory safety nets help provide a safeguard against delays and errors in cancer diagnosis by allowing health systems to efficiently identify patients in need of follow up after receiving abnormal screening results. Ariadne Labs and CRICO convened a working group to develop recommendations on how health systems can effectively implement these life-saving programs in the context of colorectal cancer screening. The recommendations included in this guide are a starting point for successful implementation and will need to be adapted to the unique context of each organization to support its strategic goals.

Ariadne Labs Joins with Star Legacy Foundation to Tackle the Heartbreaking Problem of Stillbirth

“Nothing could have been done.” That is often the response to the parents of the 24,000 stillborn babies in the United States every year.  But that is not the perspective of  Star Legacy Foundation, a 16-year-old 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to reducing pregnancy loss and neonatal death and improving care for families who experience such… Continue reading Ariadne Labs Joins with Star Legacy Foundation to Tackle the Heartbreaking Problem of Stillbirth

Oct 5 2021
Indigo Miller

Indigo Miller, MPH, BSN, RN is a Senior Clinical Implementation Specialist on the Implementation Platform at Ariadne Labs. In this role, Indigo supports the programs by tailoring quality improvement implementation strategies and designing health care and public solutions for scale. While at Ariadne Labs she has led the design and testing of implementation and spread… Continue reading Indigo Miller

Meagan Elam

Meagan Elam, DrPH, MS is an Implementation Specialist on the Implementation Platform at Ariadne Labs. In this role, Meagan provides improvement and implementation science expertise and management support to programs and projects across Ariadne Labs. Previously, Meagan was the Community Health Program Manager for the US Army in Bavaria, where she oversaw development and implementation… Continue reading Meagan Elam


Experts in quality improvement, patient safety, coaching, implementation science, this team supports the implementation and strategic dissemination of our work


Aria is a free online platform providing tools, resources, and community to support the successful implementation of Ariadne Labs solutions. Available to anyone interested in improving quality in health care, Aria provides members access to free webinars, publications, and implementation resources to accompany tools from Ariadne Labs’ Serious Illness Care, Safe Surgery and Safe Systems, BetterBirth and the… Continue reading ARIA