Rana Mokhtar

Rana Mokhtar, PhD, MA, MPH is a Research Fellow on the BetterBirth team. Rana supports multiple projects within the BetterBirth program and is involved in study design, research tool development, data quality assurance, and quantitative analysis. Rana’s research interests are aimed at improving maternal, newborn and child health outcomes. She is particularly interested in how… Continue reading Rana Mokhtar

Katelyn Fleming

Katelyn Fleming (MA, MS) is the Senior Project Manager for the Low birthweight Infant Feeding Exploration (LIFE) project with the BetterBirth program at Ariadne Labs. Katelyn oversees the management and execution of the LIFE study, liaising with international research sites across Malawi, Tanzania, and India and ensuring milestones are achieved with the highest quality. Before… Continue reading Katelyn Fleming


The BetterBirth Program partners with multilateral organizations, foundations, government and non-government organizations, academic institutions, program implementers, clinicians, and private sector companies whose missions support our vision. Together, we work to  improve the quality and standards of care, minimize complications, and end the preventable deaths of women, newborns, and infants through effective implementation of evidence-based, scalable… Continue reading BETTERBIRTH PARTNERS


Designing approaches to improve implementation and outcomes in maternal and neonatal health around the time of delivery.


Ensuring better health and wellbeing for women, newborns, and infants