Barriers and facilitators to use of a digital clinical decision support tool: a cohort study combining clickstream and survey data

Our Better Evidence team published in BMJ Open on the barriers and facilitators of UpToDate use in resource-limited settings.

We’ve Donated 100,000 Subscriptions!

Since the beginning of our program in 2009, Better Evidence at Ariadne Labs has helped facilitate the donation of more than 100,000 UpToDate® subscriptions for frontline health care providers in 154 countries across the globe.

The World: The monkeypox vaccine exists, but global distribution is uneven

Julie Rosenberg joins The World to discuss the challenge and importance of vaccine equity.

Jul 29 2022
Rebecca Karstensen

Becca serves as the Project Assistant for the Better Evidence team at Ariadne. Her main function on the team is to support the various projects created by Better Evidence, especially the Better Evidence for Providers program. Before joining the Better Evidence team, Becca worked for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in administration. She graduated from Indiana University… Continue reading Rebecca Karstensen

Connecting Physicians in Ukraine with Evidence-Based Medical Information

Ariadne Labs’ Better Evidence Program and Wolters Kluwer, the global information services company, are rushing to help physicians in war-torn Ukraine and neighboring Poland by rapidly facilitating access to the latest online medical evidence. As many are forced to work outside their specialties and under dire conditions, the gaps between clinicians and the information they… Continue reading Connecting Physicians in Ukraine with Evidence-Based Medical Information

Apr 6 2022
2022 Better Evidence for Training Champions

Better Evidence for Training Champions support the use of evidence-based digital tools in their respective universities through advocacy, training, and communication activities while working together to share best practices and ideas. Meet Our Past Champions


Connecting the current and future health workforce with evidence-based digital clinical tools to improve health outcomes.

Benjy Renton

Benjy Renton is a Research Assistant on the Better Evidence team, where he supports Ariadne Labs’ COVID-19 vaccine delivery work and produces data visualizations on the vaccine rollout. Throughout the pandemic, his work has focused on reporting and researching the latest data on COVID-19 vaccinations and vaccine equity. Benjy graduated from Middlebury College with a… Continue reading Benjy Renton