Better Evidence – Free Resources

The Better Evidence team is committed to helping clinicians and medical students access the latest medical information and clinical research through digital tools. We have compiled a list of free resources that you can access regardless of your UpToDate donation application status.

UpToDate Society Guideline Links
Links to guidelines related to health concerns following a disaster

MSD Manuals
Medical information for health care professionals and students. Also available in patient-facing format through the “consumer” version.

Trip Database
Clinical research evidence.

Clinical calculator.

Current medical information.

Systematic reviews of primary research and Plain Language Summaries.

The latest medical news and expert perspectives.

Family Practice Notebook
Point-of-care medical reference for primary care and emergency clinicians

Wiki Journal Club
Summarizes and reviews studies across medicine and surgical specialties.

QxMD Calculate
Clinical calculator & decision support tool.

Connecting the healthcare ecosystem and medical industry to healthcare professionals at the point of care.

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