Rebecca Weintraub

Rebecca Weintraub, MD is an assistant professor in the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School. Rebecca leads Better Evidence and the COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery at Ariadne Labs. Dr. Weintraub is a practicing internist and vaccinator.

Iman Ahmad

Iman is a Research Assistant on the Better Evidence team at Ariadne Labs. In this role, she provides research support through targeted literature reviews to inform ongoing studies and helps coordinate research efforts across stakeholders. In addition to working on Better Evidence research, Iman also works on teaching cases and course development for The Global… Continue reading Iman Ahmad

Ariadne Labs Welcomes the Better Evidence Project

With 2.5 million new research articles published annually, clinicians cannot possibly stay abreast of every new discovery. Moreover, those in resource-limited settings can be geographically and professionally isolated and lack access to the latest educational tools. These clinicians also care for some of the largest, sickest patient populations in the world. They must know and… Continue reading Ariadne Labs Welcomes the Better Evidence Project

Jan 30 2019
Julie Rosenberg

Julie Rosenberg, MPH, Assistant Director of Project Management, Better Evidence at Ariadne Labs, a program working to help current and future providers access the latest knowledge at the front lines of care delivery. With the Director, she is responsible for the scale-up strategy, for scholarly research and program operations, and for leveraging funding to maximize… Continue reading Julie Rosenberg