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Natalie Henrich

Natalie Henrich, PhD, MPH is the Senior Scientist, Science and Technology Platform and Director, Atlas Initiative. In her current role, she works with Ariadne’s project teams to use scientific methods to strengthen the design and measurement of their innovative intervention projects as they progress from initial discovery of solutions through wide-scale spread.

Natalie also leads Ariadne Lab’s Context Assessment for Successful Implementation project, which is focused on assessing implementation context and integrating results into implementation strategies, at scale. Throughout her career she has researched and evaluated health issues and programs focusing on effectiveness, acceptability and feasibility, ethicality, and stakeholder needs. Much of her work has dealt with early stages of implementation addressing factors such as barriers and facilitators to acceptance and use, attitudes towards novel innovations and practices, and how communications can be better aligned with stakeholder needs to increase buy-in and enable informed decision-making. Natalie is the co-author of a book, “Why Humans Cooperate.”