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Robert C. Green

Robert C. Green, MD, MPH is Professor of Medicine (Genetics) at Harvard Medical School and a physician-scientist who directs the G2P Research Program at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the Broad Institute. Dr. Green is internationally recognized for clinical research and policy efforts accelerating the implementation of genomic/precision medicine. Dr. Green led the first experimental trials disclosing common complex disease risk (REVEAL Study) and the first prospective studies of direct-to-consumer genetic testing services (PGen Study). He led the first NIH-funded randomized trials of sequencing in adults (MedSeq Project), newborns (BabySeq Project), and active duty U..S military personnel (MilSeq Project). He created the concept of aggregate penetrance of genomic variants in prospective population cohorts and is demonstrating the feasibility of genomic sequencing in healthy newborns, paving the way for humans to gain lifelong medical benefits from genomics. Dr. Green serves as a Co-Principal Investigator FHS/JHS Return of Results study.