Our Mission

During the last century, science has achieved incredible breakthroughs in medical and technology.  And there’s no question we’ve made great strides.

However, we know these breakthroughs aren’t getting to the people who need them. Millions of people die or needlessly suffer on a massive scale due to the failure of our health system to deliver appropriate care:

  • Childbirth is still a major cause of death to women and infants around the world, but 99 percent of those deaths are avoidable
  • Surgical errors kill or disable 7 million people worldwide each year.
  • Countless people suffer at the end of life because of a breakdown in communication.

To bridge this critical disconnect in the delivery of care, we must advance the science of health systems innovation. This is the work of Ariadne Labs, to identify the critical moments where delivery of care fails, develop and test solutions, and then spread those solutions so they reach every patient, everywhere.

Ariadne Labs is saving lives and reducing suffering by improving care through simple, scalable solutions that fix breakdowns in our health-care system.

Ariadne was created through strategic philanthropy: gifts and grants that built our core capacities and launched our pioneering programs to advance the science of health systems innovation.

Safe Surgery, BetterBirth, Primary Health Care, Serious Illness Care and the Delivery Decisions Initiative—each of these important initiatives has been made possible by generous and visionary donors and grantmakers.

Our future success—advancing the science of health systems innovation, expanding core programs, scaling effective interventions, and taking on critical new challenges in health care—will depend on the support of a widening circle of individuals and organizations. Will you join our quest to improve healthcare around the world?

Let’s start a conversation about where your philanthropic vision intersects with our mission and programming; begin by contacting Tawna Rathe, Senior Director of Development, at trathe@ariadnelabs.org.