• Kurt Christensen
    Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute, Assistant Professor of Population Medicine
  • Tshaka Cunningham
    TruGenomix Health Inc., Chief Scientific Officer / Faith Based Genetic Research Institute, Executive Director
  • Erin Drake
    Genomes2People, Director of Research Operations
  • Nic Encina
    Precision Population Health Initiative, Director of Strategy
  • Robert C. Green
    Professor of Medicine (Genetics), Director, Genomes2People Research Program / Preventive Genomics Clinic / Precision Population Health
  • Elizabeth Karlson
    Professor of Medicine, Co-Director, Partners HealthCare Biobank / Director, Rheumatic Disease Epidemiology Research Program
  • Kurt Lowery
    Precision Population Health Initiative, Project Manager
  • Jason Vassy
    Director, Genomes2Veterans, Clinician-Investigator, VA Boston Health Care System
  • Ann Chen Wu
    Ruth Sager Endowed Associate Professor, Department of Population Medicine, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute, Harvard Medical School
  • Carrie Zawatsky
    Genomes2People, Senior Genetic Counselor/Project Manager and Director of Research Development