Medical School Award Application

We are now accepting applications from medical schools in sub-Saharan Africa who would like to be awarded a free, 5-year institutional subscription to UpToDate for their students, faculty and  affiliated clinical sites. Along with the subscription, selected schools will get support from Better Evidence to enhance uptake, understanding, and use of the tool. 

To be eligible, schools must:

  • Have at least intermittent access to the internet
  • Train physicians, surgeons, or other advanced medical personnel in sub-Saharan Africa who will serve vulnerable populations
  • Have a student body that will benefit from reading medical content in English
  • Not otherwise be able to access UpToDate

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until capacity is reached, and schools completing their applications early will take precedence. Incomplete applications will not be considered. 

Important Deadlines

  • Application open: December 20, 2019
  • Application deadline: April 1, 2020
  • Better Evidence award notifications: Ongoing until May 1, 2020
  • Signed agreement due: May 15, 2020
  • Communications/training plan finalized: June 30, 2020
  • Subscription turned on: August 1, 2020

To jump to the application form, please click here or copy this link into your browser:

Instructions and Timeline

For our small team to serve as many schools and facilities as possible, we will follow the timeline below.

Application Open: December 2019 – April 2020

Medical schools must submit a complete application for consideration. It is likely this will require input from a multidisciplinary team including the registrar, medical librarian(s), ICT personnel, and representatives from hospitals where medical students and faculty train and work. Please note that incomplete applications will not be reviewed in full.

A member of the Better Evidence team will be holding office hours every first Tuesday of the month at 9 AM EST beginning January 7, 2020. Please connect by Zoom here (audio only via wifi or data connection) if you would like any clarification or support in completing your application. 

Award Notices Sent: Rolling

The Better Evidence team will review applications when they are submitted. Applications completed earlier will get priority. Award notices will be sent on a rolling basis until May 1, 2020.

Agreement Put in Place: May 2020

UpToDate will send an agreement to the signatory listed in the application by May 1, 2020. The agreement lays out the terms of reference for an institutional license of UpToDate. This agreement must be signed, scanned, and returned to Better Evidence by May 15, 2020 for the subscription to be turned on. We request that schools return their agreements as soon as possible to aid planning and later award decisions. 

Medical School and Better Evidence Determine Training/Rollout Plan: June 2020

A Better Evidence team member will contact your school’s appointed representative to determine the best possible training and communication plan for your medical school and affiliated sites. 

UpToDate Enables Access: August 2020

UpToDate “turns on” an institutional license for the IP addresses provided in the application by the date indicated in the contract. IP addresses must be confirmed and tested at all sites. 

Medical School and Better Evidence Implement Training/Rollout Plan: September 2020

Better Evidence will work with the medical school to test access and roll out a communication campaign, ensuring widespread knowledge of the availability of UpToDate at the medical school. Better Evidence will provide customized communications materials. Materials will inform affiliates on how to register for UpToDate and about training opportunities available. 

Better Evidence Supports Monitoring & Evaluation: October 2020 – October 2025

UpToDate will develop reports for each medical school that show an overview of usage, total registration numbers in comparison to the school’s stated goals, and what topics are most frequently accessed. Reports will be sent every other month. Medical schools will receive a survey annually from Better Evidence.

The Better Evidence team will be available for consultation, questions, or discussion of best implementation practices as helpful.

How to Apply

Please fill out our application here by April 1, 2020. The application must be filled out in its entirety to be considered for an award in 2020. We will open the application again in early 2021 for the next cohort of schools. 

For any questions while completing the form, please email or join our office hours on the first Tuesday of each month at 9am Eastern Time using the link.

Please see Frequently Asked Questions for more information about Better Evidence, UpToDate, and other frequent questions.