Home Hospital International Fellowship FAQs

What is Ariadne Labs?

Ariadne Labs is a joint center for health systems innovation at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (HSPH) that works on bridging the gap between health care delivery, academic medicine, and public health.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, one of the world’s top innovation hubs for health care and technology, Ariadne Labs draws from the ecosystem of health care, technology, start-ups, and academia. Innovation is central to our organization’s DNA—from how our work is designed and implemented to our pipeline of new projects and ideas that are in early stages of development.

What are the characteristics of a successful Home Hospital International Fellow?

A successful Fellow is open to learning and is excited about contributing to the work of a visionary multidisciplinary team. As a team member, the Fellow must be comfortable being an active participant in the team’s discussions and contribute as a subject matter expert. We are looking for someone that can make connections between different fields and issues in search of solutions that are scalable. If there is an interest to pursue independent research, the Fellow must have the ability to work independently and connect with the resources available throughout HSPH and BWH. Lastly, to complete the fellowship successfully, the Fellow must submit a final paper of publishable quality before leaving the program.

What professional development opportunities can I expect from being a Home Hospital International Fellow?

Fellows are exposed to all the resources Harvard University has to offer, including participating in seminars, workshops, lectures, having full access to library resources, and connecting with a diverse faculty and students across HSPH and other schools. Fellows also can collaborate as co-authors in academic manuscripts and contribute to the development of innovative tools and frameworks in a diverse and multidisciplinary academic environment.

Will I get paid?

Please note that at this time the Home Hospital International Fellowship does not provide funding. Fellows are expected to secure funding through their current institutions or through other external sources. There is a minimum compensation threshold that must be met based on the National Institute of Health (NIH) stipend guidelines. Selected Fellows must provide proof of compensation from their home institutions and/or other external sources that amount to a minimum of $55,000.

How much does this program cost?

There is no cost associated with participation in the program. The selected Fellow is, however, responsible for their own living expenses. This can vary greatly based on the Fellow’s needs, for example if living alone or if their family will be joining them.

Does the Fellowship include visa sponsorship?

Yes. Once the selected Fellow is notified of their admission to the program, the Ariadne Labs Talent team will coordinate the provision of the required documentation to support the visa application process. The Fellow is responsible for requesting the visa appointment in their country of origin and paying all fees associated with the visa application.

What should I do about housing and transportation?

Boston has a very competitive housing market. Fellows are encouraged to start their search early and make use of the available resources for Harvard faculty and staff through the Harvard Housing Office. Harvard affiliates have access to the M2 shuttle, which stops in Harvard Square at the Lamont Library. You must show your Harvard ID card to ride the M2 shuttle. The Harvard Shuttle is an intercampus shuttle connecting the Cambridge and Allston Campuses. It is a free service for all Harvard affiliates. You can find real time shuttle information at www.shuttle.harvard.edu or you can download the TransLoc Rider app.

Is there a remote or hybrid option for the program?

Fellows must reside in Boston for the duration of the program. However, returning to their home country for required clinical duty will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please include a brief description of special circumstances in your statement of interest if you would like to be considered for a hybrid arrangement.

What resources are provided?

Fellows have access to shared office space at Ariadne Labs’ offices. They receive an appointment at HSPH as a visiting scholar, which grants them a Harvard Key and the ability to contribute to the work of HSPH faculty. This will provide them with secure access to applications and services across the University.  The Fellow will also gain Sponsored Staff status at BWH, which grants them the ability to collaborate on projects led through BWH.

Are Fellows able to teach at Harvard?

Fellows are required to make oral presentations about their research work (all oral presentations must be in English) as part of workshops/lectures within Ariadne Labs and/or as guests of HSPH or other Harvard schools’ faculty. Fellows are not faculty members of the University.

Can Fellows conduct independent research (either continue or initiate) while serving as a visiting scholar?

Yes! Fellows are encouraged to bring their own research work and pursue independent research while at Ariadne. They will work under the supervision of their assigned advisor.

If you have other questions, please reach out to us at homehospital@ariadnelabs.org.