Farm landscape with a lone farm house on a winding country road in rural Ohio.

Rural Home Hospital Implementation Roadmap

Creating a home hospital program takes a great deal of financial, time, and personnel resources, just like any service line. With high rates of hospital closures and a significant number of hospitals at risk of being closed across the rural landscape in the United States, many believe a rural home hospital model is key to acute care in rural areas.

The Rural Home Hospital model allows patient-centered acute care to be delivered by a team of healthcare professionals in a hybrid format. This service line, while successfully tested and implemented in the United States and Canada, can be challenging to launch.

The Rural Home Hospital Implementation Roadmap serves as a guide for healthcare professionals looking to stand up this patient-centered service line in a rural area. In the Roadmap, the user will find 9 steps to stand up a rural home hospital program, along with worksheets, checklists, and other resources.

Note: the Rural Home Hospital Implementation Roadmap compliments the Home Hospital Knowledge Products, which provide workflows, checklists, and other resources pertinent to the implementation of a home hospital program.