2019-2020 Serious Illness Care Implementation Collaborative

We’re recruiting health systems for the 2019-2020 Serious Illness Care Implementation Collaborative

What does high quality, personalized care look like for seriously ill patients and how can we deliver it for every patient, everywhere, every time? Early conversations about patient values and goals are linked to better serious illness care:

  • Increased goal-concordant care
  • Improved quality of life and patient well-being
  • More and earlier hospice care
  • Fewer hospitalizations
  • Better patient and family coping

Get the tools, training, and team support to deliver superior serious illness care for your most vulnerable patients.

We know having these conversations is hard. Yet making these conversations a routine part of care for every seriously ill patient is essential to improve patient-centered, value based care.  We believe all clinicians in any health system can do this with the right training and system-level support and tools.  Ariadne Labs’ Serious Illness Care Program trains clinicians to initiate challenging conversations in the right way, at the right time, so patients and families can make informed choices that reduce suffering, reflect their values, and improve their quality of life.  Clinicians learn and practice using the Serious Illness Conversation Guide, a critical resource that elicits invaluable insights from patients.

Our program also includes developing in-house trainers to build capacity and sustainability.  Our system-wide solutions transform organizational culture and provide the best possible care for your most vulnerable patients. This is what you’ve been looking for.

From patients and families, to clinicians and health systems, our program provides benefits across the board.