Over the last several decades, Costa Rica has achieved significant successes in primary health care with a model that ensures all people have access to high quality, comprehensive, and affordable care. Since 2015, Ariadne Labs Primary Health Care team has cultivated a partnership with the Costa Rican government health system to better understand the country’s journey to achieving their universal primary health care model. 

In collaboration with our Costa Rican colleagues, the team has developed the following resources to document the path that Costa Rica followed and to provide lessons for countries around the world striving to implement high quality primary health care that meets the diverse needs of their populations.


Costa Rica’s primary health care success and Ariadne Labs collaboration featured in Q&A with Exemplars in Global Health

Exemplars in Global Health talk with Hannah Ratcliffe, Ariadne Labs’ former associate director of research for PHC, and Dr. Madeline Pesec, a PHC research assistant at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, about their research on the Costa Rican system and what lessons it could hold for other countries.



Case Studies:



Learn more about how the Costa Rican model works in a short video developed by Ariadne Labs for the Primary Health Care Performance Initiative.