David Levine, MD MPH MA

David Levine, MD MPH MA

General Internist and Investigator, Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School

David Levine is a practicing general internist and clinician-investigator at Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Ariadne Labs, and Harvard Medical School. He is active in clinical and translational research through a focus on optimizing quality time at home by shifting care home, decentralizing care, digital health technology, and measuring the quality and experience of health care. He is medical director for strategy and innovation for the Brigham & Women’s Home Hospital and co-chair of the Hospital at Home Users Group. The home hospital team at Ariadne studies the scaling of home hospital care and rural home hospital care, among other areas.

The New York Times Magazine: The Hospital Makes a House Call

Dr. David Levine and the Ariadne Labs Home Hospital partnership with Appalachian Regional Healthcare to study home hospital in the rural setting is highlighted as part of the New York Times Magazine’s deep dive on the home hospital model.

Jan 26 2023
What if You Could Go to the Hospital … at Home?

Dr. David Levine in the New York Times on the Home Hospital model.

Nov 19 2022
NPR: Americans with non-life-threatening issues can get hospital-level treatment at home

Dr. David Levine speaks with NPR to discuss the availability and benefits of the home hospital model across the US.

Jan 24 2022
Boston Globe: Amid surge in patients, hospitals treat more people at home

Dr. David Levine in the Boston Globe on hospitals treating more patients at home during the pandemic.

Dec 16 2021