Building a community of innovators is one of Ariadne Labs’ core objectives. Our local community is based in Boston’s Longwood Medical Area. It is open to Harvard affiliated faculty, students, and staff along with Ariadne Labs associate and affiliate members. This growing group meets twice monthly at Ariadne Labs to hear innovators discuss problems they are tackling in health care, interventions they are designing to change healthcare, and research projects under way.

Our online community is geared for a broader audience not located in Boston. We are launching groups within our online community to promote discussion of the tools we and others are creating, how these tools can be implemented, and to find ways we can improve research. We also have a group for general discussion about innovation in health systems.

Online Community

Our global online community launched in June 2015 following a Continuing Medical Education course our Serious Illness Care team taught in partnership with Harvard Medical School. Now, we are launching forums in BetterBirth and the Ariadne Labs Way in addition to the Serious Illness Care forum. Our flagship program in Safe Surgery will launch its forum in the coming months.

Ariadne Labs Community

Local Community

Ariadne Labs empowers health care researchers and innovators  to foster the sharing and development of cutting edge ideas and real-time results. Our goal is to aid practitioners in managing the complexity of increasing specialization and technology so they can provide more effective, humane, and affordable care for all.

We are building this local community through:

  • Health Systems Innovation Research Meetings
  • Cross-program and interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Opportunities for actively participating faculty and researchers to join Ariadne Labs as Associate Faculty or Affiliate Members and help shape our work
  • Involvement of experts from other universities, health systems and private sector organizations driving innovation in health systems

Ariadne Labs Local Community