Community of Practice Ambassadors Share Their Support for Serious Illness Conversations

Ariadne Labs’ Serious Illness Care Program aims to make compassionate, clear conversations about patients’ priorities, values, and goals for care accessible to all patients and clinicians.

The program centers on the Serious Illness Conversation Guide, a tool to guide clinicians in conducting effective conversations with patients, and provides the implementation support needed for systems to create change. The program’s Community of Practice offers a virtual learning community to connect individuals working to implement the program in a variety of clinical settings. The community includes stakeholders from all perspectives, ranging from health care providers and administrators to chaplains, researchers, and patient advocates, and allows members to share their experiences and learn from one another’s successes and setbacks.

To leverage the expertise of community members, the Community of Practice recently appointed 11 innovators and leaders in serious illness care to serve as ambassadors and act as resources to all members of the community. We had an opportunity to hear from some of the ambassadors and learn from them how the Serious Illness Care Program has had an impact on their lives and the ways in which they approach conversations about patients’ goals and priorities.

Join the community and meet the ambassadors: