Serious Illness Care Program Learning Collaborative

Interested in bringing the Serious Illness Care Program to your organization? Join us for our third Learning Collaborative in Spring 2024. 

During the 15-month Collaborative, participants will take part in virtual learning sessions to support implementation of the Serious Illness Care Program. 

Participants will gain access to: 

  • All-new digital learning modules and tools to support implementation, including 50+ downloadable resources
  • Up to 100 seats for interprofessional clinicians to go through Avatar-based, digital Serious Illness Conversation Guide training 
  • Participation in at least five live, dynamic learning sessions on best practices and implementation guidance led by our network’s experts in the field
  • Peer-driven sessions to share implementation experiences, challenges, and solutions
  • Coaching and support from our expert implementation faculty and clinicians

We will also offer opportunities for targeted activity, such as strengthening interprofessionalism, engaging patients and caregivers, measuring results, and EHR integration. 

Email the Serious Illness Care Program at for more details on the 2024-2025 Learning Collaborative.

2019 – 2020 Learning Collaborative Participants

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