2022 Annual Report

Letter from the Executive Director

During 2022, we celebrated Ariadne Labs’ 10 year anniversary since our founding. As we reflect on our journey over the past decade, we are deeply grateful for our supporters, partners, staff, and champions who have propelled us forward in our mission to save lives and reduce suffering.

Our growth and evolution since our founding has been remarkable. From starting with just three tools in our first year, we proudly developed 157 tools across the Ariadne Labs Arc last year alone. Our team, which began with a modest 13 employees, has now expanded to more than 110 staff and core faculty, alongside a network of more than 150 associate faculty. These milestones have allowed us to positively impact the lives of millions across the globe, touching nearly every corner of the world.

Yet, amidst our achievements, there is still significant work ahead. The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic has left our systems grappling with catching up on missed essential services, staffing shortages, strained capacities, and the burnout of dedicated clinicians. We find ourselves in the midst of a pressing maternal mortality crisis, persistent safety gaps, and primary care – the foundation of robust health care systems – under significant threat. While the need for safe and inclusive care has never been more critical, the obstacles to equitable delivery at times appear deeply entrenched.

Despite these challenges, we remain resolute in our commitment and ability to drive change. With a decade of experience in health systems innovation, we have refined our methods for blending human-centered design, rigorous testing, and implementation science to produce measurable results. This enables us to respond swiftly to emerging challenges while ensuring the ongoing relevance of our existing tools for those who need them most.

In 2022, we leveraged these methodologies to make childbirth safer for individuals across the globe, brought genetic screening to primary care to detect diseases and save lives, equipped clinicians worldwide with cutting-edge, evidence-based clinical decision tools, built new home hospital models, and scaled serious illness communication tools, among many other accomplishments. Collectively, our work touched the lives of 97.9 million patients.

As we embark on our second decade of health systems innovation, we recognize that the future of public health and health care presents formidable obstacles. Despite these challenges, by blending science with compassion and evidence with pragmatism, we see immense opportunity to continue to make health care safer, more equitable, and more integrated for every patient, everywhere.

I’m pleased to share our Year 10 Annual Report, which provides a view into the remarkable achievements of our teams in 2022.

Asaf Bitton
Executive Director