Alex Haynes, MD, MPH*

Alex Haynes’ research focuses on improving surgical care delivery through measurement and implementation of quality improvement initiatives. His work bridges environments as diverse as acute care hospitals in South Carolina, where he has been involved in the Safe Surgery 2015 collaborative, to ambulatory surgery centers across the country, as well as hospitals and health systems around the globe. He recently led efforts to report the outcomes of the Safe Surgery 2015 program, finding a significant reduction in postoperative mortality from inpatient surgery paralleling changes in teamwork and communication in the operating rooms. In collaboration with colleagues from the Harvard Business School, Dr. Haynes is running a study to investigate the links between hospital management practices and quality of clinical care, including the ability to implement large-scale quality improvement projects, funded with a research grant from the Rx Foundation. He has also recently launched a collaboration with Dr. JP Onnela of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health to harness smartphone technology to better understand how surgery affects patient centered outcomes, including physical, emotional, and social well-being. This work will result in methods to measure and assess surgical care, as well as tools for counseling patients and monitoring outcomes outside of the clinical environment.