Julie Rosenberg

Julie Rosenberg

Associate Director, Better Evidence

Julie Rosenberg, MPH, is Associate Director, Better Evidence at Ariadne Labs, a program working to help current and future health care providers access the latest clinical knowledge at the front lines of care delivery through digital tools. With the Director, she has led the scale-up strategy, research and program operations, leveraging in-kind donations and funding to maximize the impact of the program on patient outcomes.

Julie is also Deputy Director of the Global Health Delivery Project at Harvard where she supports health care providers by studying what works in health care delivery and sharing those lessons through courseware and training. Julie has helped lead the development of over 45+ open-access teaching cases published through Harvard Business Publishing and supported the development of an online community of practice engaging 25,000+ global health providers for over a decade.

Previously, Julie worked in clinical research at Emory University School of Medicine and in community-based nonprofit organizations in Latin America and the US. Julie is currently pursuing her DrPh in public health leadership. She has an MPH in epidemiology and global health from the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University and a BA in anthropology, with pre-med coursework and a Spanish language certificate, from Harvard College.

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