Checklists for Daily Tasks

Ariadne Labs has partnered with the Harvard Medical School student group, HMS COVID-19 Student Response Team, to develop and disseminate evidence-based, practical community guidance to help the general public protect themselves against COVID-19. In the midst of the overwhelming amount of information on COVID-19 currently circulating, this partnership aims to provide accurate, timely, and easily… Continue reading Checklists for Daily Tasks

Advisory Board: Are outdoor gatherings safe? Here’s what experts say.

Dr. Asaf Bitton quoted in the Advisory Board’s latest on staying safe at outdoor gatherings.

Jul 17 2020
NEWS - Perspectives
BMJ Opinion: War and peace with covid-19

Dr. Mary Brindle, director of Ariadne Labs’ Safe Surgery Safe Systems program on shifting our philosophies from war to peace.

Jul 16 2020
NEWS - Perspectives
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Ga.’s approach to controlling COVID-19 isn’t working

Ariadne Labs’ Julie Rosenberg pens an op/ed with her father, Dr. Mark L. Rosenberg, on Georgia’s COVID-19 response.

Jul 11 2020
NEWS - Perspectives
Harvard Business Review: A Better Way to Scale Covid-19 Testing

Dr. Atul Gawande and Nikhil Bhojwani on solutions to scale testing for COVID-19

Jul 7 2020
Exemplars: Emerging COVID-19 Success Story: South Korea Learned the Lessons of MERS

Dr. June-Ho Kim and colleagues are featured by Exemplars of Global Health for their research on South Korea’s response to COVID-19.

New York Times: How Safe Are Outdoor Gatherings?

Dr. Asaf Bitton weighs in on the risks of attending outdoor gatherings during the pandemic.

Jul 3 2020
WCVB Boston: Millions expected to travel by car because of COVID-19

Dr. Asaf Bitton on tips to stay safe when traveling for the 4th of July holiday.

Jun 26 2020
New York Times: A Virus Walks Into a Bar …

Dr. Asaf Bitton quoted in the New York Times on the public health concerns of people returning to the bar scene during the pandemic

Jun 25 2020
NPR: Masks Are Even More Important Than We Thought

Dr. Atul Gawande spoke with NPR about why face masks remain essential in dealing with the coronavirus.

Jun 11 2020