Boston Globe: Hospitals prepare for Omicron-fueled surge as Mass. approaches 1 million COVID cases since pandemic began

Dr. Asaf Bitton in the Boston Globe on the Omicron-fueled surge hospitals are facing in Massachusetts.

Dec 27 2021
Boston Herald: ‘Unsustainable’: Boston hospitals could face ‘disaster’ as coronavirus wastewater shoots up and virus cases explode

Benjy Renton in the Boston Herald discussing how Massachusetts counties could implement short-term measures to protect hospital capacity.

Dec 26 2021
Politico: Biden tries to teach to the Covid test

Dr. Asaf Bitton in Politico Nightly on the long way to go the US has in testing for COVID-19.

Dec 21 2021
Washington Post: NFL’s covid-testing plan could fuel spread, experts say, but it’s ‘where society is going’

Dr. Asaf Bitton in the Washington Post on the updated NFL covid-testing plan and its impact.

Dec 20 2021
Boston Globe: TD Garden will up mask enforcement. But will that be enough to keep fans in the stands amid Omicron?

Dr. Asaf Bitton in the Boston Globe on the challenges facing large venues as Omicron spreads in the United States.

Dec 17 2021
NEWS - Perspectives
Getting Smart: What Schools Can Learn from the NFL Vaccine Playbook

Dr. Asaf Bitton and Eric Tucker pen an op-ed on the need for a national school vaccine playbook.

Oct 5 2021
CASE STUDY: The Parabola Project

In 2020, Ariadne Labs and The Learning Accelerator launched the Parabola Project to provide education leaders with actionable guidance, tools, and strategies to understand and minimize health risks while maximizing learning and wellness during COVID-19.

New York Times: Covid Delta Variant Safety: Your Questions Answered

Dr. Asaf Bitton in the New York Times on how the Delta variant is changing advice for the vaccinated.

Aug 3 2021
COVID: Community Mitigation

Focusing on communicating simple, easy to use information for the general public to mitigate the exposure and spread of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence Toolkit

Toolkit to support health care providers discuss the COVID-19 vaccine with hesitant patients.