New York Times: Covid Delta Variant Safety: Your Questions Answered

Dr. Asaf Bitton in the New York Times on how the Delta variant is changing advice for the vaccinated.

Aug 3 2021
COVID: Community Mitigation

Focusing on communicating simple, easy to use information for the general public to mitigate the exposure and spread of COVID-19.

La peur? Le football? Des boissons gratuites? Des cadeaux? Ce qui motive les gens à se faire vacciner

14 mai 2021 Read in English here. Qu’est-ce qui incite les gens à se faire vacciner ? Dans le cas de Green Bay, dans le Wisconsin, il s’agissait peut-être de la possibilité d’admirer le Lambeau Field, le stade des Green Bay Packers, depuis les fauteuils VIP. Au cours de la réunion de la collaboration du 14 mai,… Continue reading La peur? Le football? Des boissons gratuites? Des cadeaux? Ce qui motive les gens à se faire vacciner

COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence Toolkit

Toolkit to support health care providers discuss the COVID-19 vaccine with hesitant patients.

Washington Post: What we’ll keep

Dr. Daniela Lamas on what she’ll keep doing after the pandemic, along with 11 others.

Apr 28 2021
Portland Press Herald: Vaccine hesitancy could threaten herd immunity

Dr. Evan Benjamin comments on addressing concerns that people may have about COVID-19 vaccines.

Mar 21 2021
New York Times: How to Celebrate the Spring Holidays Safely With Your Family

Dr. Asaf Bitton offers guidance on family celebrations and travel.

Mar 19 2021
Miami Herald: With Florida requiring doctor’s note for many, pace of COVID vaccination slows in Miami

Dr. Weintraub in the Miami Herald on the importance of an efficient vaccine delivery system.

Mar 17 2021
Salon: How one tiny country is beating the pandemic and climate change

Salon covers the Atlantic’s piece on Bhutan’s pandemic response.

Feb 16 2021
The Atlantic: The Unlikeliest Pandemic Success Story

Dr. Asaf Bitton comments on public health lessons that the U.S. can learn from other countries.

Feb 10 2021