Stacey Irwin Downey

Stacey is the Associate Director for Program Management of the Serious Illness Care Program. In this role she works with the Serious Illness Director to manage the program portfolio, specifically overseeing project management. Stacey has spent over 20 years working in Global Health focused on management and leadership. Her areas of specialty include organizational development… Continue reading Stacey Irwin Downey

Erik Fromme

Erik Fromme, MD, MCR, Faculty, Serious Illness Care Program.

Jo Paladino

Jo Paladino, MD is a Palliative Care physician on faculty at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Ariadne Labs. Jo earned her B.A. from Boston University and M.D from Weill Medical College of Cornell University.  In her current role, Jo coordinates the implementation efforts for the Serious Illness Care randomized trial in ten disease centers and… Continue reading Jo Paladino