Amanda Murphy

Amanda Murphy is a Registered Nurse and Clinical Implementation Specialist for the Serious Illness Care Program at Ariadne Labs. She provides guidance to health systems implementing the Serious Illness Care Program, leads clinician communication skills training and participates in implementation and research activities that focus on increasing access to high quality serious illness communication and… Continue reading Amanda Murphy

KHN: A New Paradigm Is Needed: Top Experts Question the Value of Advance Care Planning

Dr. Jo Paladino in Kaiser Health News on the shift from advanced care planning to having conversations with people about making complicated decisions when they become seriously ill.

Jan 6 2022
Driving Equity in Serious Illness Care: 2021 Convening Report

In June of 2021 the Serious Illness Care Program convened 35 experts in delivering serious illness care to underserved and marginalized communities with the goal of gaining insights into strategies that drive sustained and equitable improvements in serious illness conversations and care. This report outlines findings and recommendations from the convening.

At Thanksgiving this year, let’s talk about what matters

By Erik Fromme For many, a conversation about what would matter most if they became seriously ill seems like an uncomfortable topic. And yet, now that Americans are more polarized than at any time since the Civil War era, now that serious illness is a daily news headline, and now that our need to feel… Continue reading At Thanksgiving this year, let’s talk about what matters

What Matters to Me Workbook

Developed in collaboration with The Conversation Project, the What Matters to Me Workbook is designed to help people with a serious illness get ready to talk to their health care team (doctor, nurse, social worker, etc.) about what is most important to them.

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